Revelation - A Sneak Peek into the Future (Chapter 8 - 22)

Wednesday PM

Revelation - A Sneak Peek into the Future (Chapter 8 - 22)

For Readers - upper elementary to middle school

Lexington Baptist Church (tentative location)
308 E. Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072

This is a 0 week class.

5:00pm-7:00pm beginning January 13, 2021 and ending .


Revelation 8-22: These exciting chapters tell us what’s going to happen in the future. When Jesus opens the seventh seal, there’s an eerie silence…and then comes thunder, lightning, and a huge earthquake. And that’s just the beginning! Discover:

what happens when seven angels sound their trumpets

who the dragon is and

what he does

why there are two fearsome beasts and what they do

what three messages the angels flying in midheaven give

why Jesus comes on a white horse and leads an army

He alone is in control of all of these events. As you read your Bible, work on great puzzles, and do fun activities, you’ll find out what’s coming..and understand why knowing Jesus is so important.

Note: Most PUP (Precept Upon Precept series) classes are two hours: First hour is a discussion as you reason together with your classmates and the trained Precept Upon Precept leader using your five days of homework. Second hour is watching the lecture (DVD) of Kay Arthur, David Arthur, Wayne Barber, Pete DeLacy, or David Lawson.


Please contact the leader or admin before class begins to sign up. If you already have your book, please let the leader/admin know when you sign up. Ask the leader the cost of the class. Some have extra expense to help pay for the DVD’s and/or CD’s.

This course is led by Roxane Keeney. Email: Phone: 803-356-4640.

The class cost (materials, etc.) is $11.99 (order #see Roxane for workbook).


Lexington Baptist Church (tentative location)
308 E. Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072


There are limited classes with child care. Please see details listed by each class information. If it is not listed contact the administrator. There are several churches who offer Precept classes for the family, adults, youth and children.


Please contact the class leader with any questions you may have concerning the class. The leader for this class is Roxane Keeney. Email: Phone: 803-356-4640.